Manifesto for 2019

Planning and Housing


We remain committed to defending the Green Belt, open spaces and protecting our heritage.  

We will strive to enable the provision of genuinely affordable homes, particularly for young people and families, in the right places, with an emphasis on quality and design. 

New development must be shared more evenly throughout the borough. 

We will continue to press for the infrastructure, already over capacity in so many areas, to be improved and upgraded to cater for the increased housing. 

We will continue to work to ensure that aspects so important to our environment, such as air quality and green infrastructure, are amongst our highest priorities.



We pledge to protect our vital green spaces and take action to make Elmbridge a greener, more sustainable Borough.

We will introduce strategies to improve air quality including more charging points for electric vehicles. 

We will support schemes to build new drinking water fountains and initiatives to reduce waste from packaging especially single-use plastic. This includes the Refill Scheme, eliminating the need for single-use plastic water bottles and pioneering Boomerang Bags, promoting the use of reusable bags from donated materials. 

We will continue to strive for better recycling for a more circular economy minimising waste and making the most of resources.



We will maintain all our current services, including those for the elderly and vulnerable, despite our expectation that there will be further cuts in financial support from Central Government.

We will invest in properly maintaining our assets – it is cheaper in the long run.

We will continue to invest in property in Elmbridge where good opportunities arise, to reduce our dependence on Government grants in the long term.

We will run prudent and sensibly balanced budgets with the aim of keeping increases in Council Tax down to the minimum, as we did between 2016 and 2018.



We will reverse the Conservatives’ planned increased charges for 2020 and 2021 which are damaging to business and unnecessarily costly to residents.

We will revert to our policy of free parking on Saturdays to improve lives for shoppers.

We will review the level of parking charges and charging periods on an individual basis, making parking charges more responsive to local needs.

We will restore our policy of refurbishing Council owned car parks.