Statement by councillor roy green

When the Elmbridge Residents Group joined the Liberal Democrats and took on the administration of Elmbridge Borough Council in 2016, one of the their highest priorities was the provision of new and improved Social and Affordable Housing.

We set up a housing company to acquire land and properties to build new housing for rent and, through their enabling fund, worked with Housing Trusts in the provision of new homes.

During the 2018, when the Tories took the administration back, they built just 1 new property for rent. Now back under the RA/Lib Dems this year we will see 154 properties for social renting, a massive improvement on the past few years under the Tories.

The RA/Lib Dems have published their new Housing Strategy for the next five years and this sets the policy for providing new social housing. Research carried out on behalf of the Council shows that 332 affordable homes may be needed every year up to 2035.

It is forecast that 384 affordable homes will be built between 2019/20 and 2022/23 and they are as follows:

  • 184 affordable homes to be built in 2019/20, including two major sites. 50 homes at Randor & Sandra House, Walton Road in Molesey, and 43 homes in Orchard Lane, East Molesey. The remaining various smaller sites range between 3-22 homes
  • 47 homes are expected to be delivered in 2020/21 with the largest scheme of 28 affordable homes at Rivernook Farm, Terrace Road, Walton and on other various smaller sites
  • 54 homes to be built in 2021/22 at two sites, 34 homes at Rydens Enterprise School (Three Rivers Acadamy), Hersham, and 20 homes in Hersham Road, Hersham
  • A major scheme of 99 homes at Walton Court (Station Avenue) in Walton is expected to be delivered in 2022/23 
  • In addition we have worked with various organisations such as Elmbridge Rentstart to provide overnight shelter and more permanent housing for rough sleepers

We care for those in need and the vulnerable and work to see that their needs are taken care of.