RA Group and lib dems will retain control of ElmbridGE BC

Local elections May 7th 2020

The local elections of May 2nd 2019 were extremely successful for the Residents' Associations and Village Societies that make up the Elmbridge Residents Group.

The Conservatives lost three seats, two of these to our candidates and one to the LibDems. In Esher, Richard Williams won for the Esher Residents Association and Tom Catton took Weybridge & St George's Hill for Weybridge & St George's Hill Independents. In Weybridge Riverside, Lib Dem Ashley Tilling took the seat from Conservative Paul Wood.

The result of this is that we formed a coalition with the Lib Dems to run Elmbridge BC.

We have had a strong year running the Administration, having called a Climate Emergency, kept to our promise of not implementing the Tory's planned parking charges hike and fiercely defended our Green Belt from unwanted development. 

Meet our Lib Dem coalition partners here